Short movie – MuBE – Paulo Mendes da Rocha

MuBE – Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

“O vão” – Archdaily Visualization Award Winner 2022.

MuBE portrays the “Museu Brasileiro da Escultura” built in 1987 by the Architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha. The short movie invites the spectator for a slow journey through the museum, enlightening the relation among the building, the cityscape and the nature, blurring the boundaries between private and public space.

His attitude towards architecture was not just to make aesthetic and solitary architecture, but first of all he strived to change the thinking of the people, living, visiting or working in his buildings. In his architecture, rooms act like public spaces, where no divisions and privacy nor segregation take place. People are forced to interact and live together. In his mind, a house should not be more than a place to sleep. And all the rest of the functions are happening in the city itself.

MuBE was designed as an introverted, restrained building, carved into stone, it does evolve all the necessary functions in the subterranean layers of São Paulo without disturbing the visual aspect of the surrounding landscape. The portico, the roof over the communal spaces, shelters sculptures and visitors from rain and sunlight, like a stone in the sky.

The short movie emphasises the stone in the sky, through the infinite palette of degradation, weathering patinas and the ever aging construction materials in opposition to contemporary forms of fast architecture and unsustainable resources.

Paulo Mendes da Rocha’s architecture transcends time and social limits of an inhospitable and inhuman society. Through the use of materials in their most legitimate aspects, Brutalism reveals itself in essence, thus echoing the meaning of architecture: to develop spaces that link city and people.


Production: NATA.ARCHVIZ

Direction and Edit: Alban Wagener with Paula Valerio

Sound and original music: José Alberto Gomes

Graphic design: Inês Nepomuceno